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$40 and Under Gift Ideas

Inspire Someone

It's so hard these days to find a gift for someone who means a lot to you whether it be a friend, family member or even a co-worker. I came across these bracelets as I was shopping for Christmas gifts and they are super cute, y'all! There are LOTS of different mantras and uplifting words to choose from. I'm pretty certain the only problem you'll have is how many to buy and who to give them to. Anyone who receives this is guaranteed to love it. They offer 3-4 different finishes from silver to rose gold and they also have them for men. Best of all, they are tarnish resistant! You can find them HERE along with necklaces that feature the same idea. Oh- don't forget, there's also FREE SHIPPING! *Winning* 

Functional and Cute

You guys, this is way too cute! You could use the holder for just about anything and also have a place for your phone to sit. Perfect for the bathroom, kitchen or bedside table and would make a kick ass gift! These are handmade out of glazed stoneware and hail from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. It comes in two colors (mint & white) and it's only $32/ea. Shipping starts at $5.95 but that still puts you under $40. Get it HERE!

Wrapped Up In Comfort

Ok, seriously... who doesn't want to just lounge all day in their bath towel and procrastinate? I do it all the time. It's great! What's NOT great is having to adjust your towel every five seconds from falling off and scaring your kids... or dogs... or heck, maybe even your spouse. Haha Kidding. Think of all your girlfriends going through this and doing them a solid by getting them one. Get it personalized for free by adding their initial or first name. Super cute stuff. They are on sale for $29.99 plus shipping. Check it out HERE

The HOLY GRAIL of scent

A few months ago my son and I went to Bath & Body Works to look for a new scent to put in our home, like a signature scent that we can have in every room. That's when I stumbled upon Flannel. Have you ever walked into a home goods store like Kirklands or something similar and was hit by the most delicious scent but can never figure out what exactly it is because for some unknown reason the workers there are so secretive about it? Yeah, well, that's what Flannel smells like to me. It's literally the best scent I've ever come across. So much so that I ordered two dozen online, went into the store to "look around" and bought another dozen. There is also the 3 wick candle in Flannel but the plug-in's are SO much better TBH. They are $6.50/ea. or 5 for $23. Obviously you should go for the better deal. Frozen Lake comes in at second, so make sure you check that out too. Flannel just came back in stock online. Get it HERE!

Perfect For That Budding Artist

It's so hard to shop for younger kids these days because let's be honest, all they really want are video games and legos. But if you're a parent like me, and have come to view legos as your sworn worst enemy, than maybe more legos are a bad idea this year. Instead, get them something they can use to create and also keep themselves busy while you're in Holiday mode trying to get things done! And btw, you absolutely can't pass up a deal like this! This 82 piece set in a wooden case is wait for it... $15.00 at Michaels!! If you can't make it out to the stores, get it HERE

Having It ALL!

Convenient and handy!! This is great for people like myself who love having everything in one spot! Give one away or keep it for yourself... either way, it's perfect for everyone! Get it HERE for less than $30. Winning!!