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Chicken Alfredo with Crispy Bacon

Check out this super easy meal idea I made from Paula Deen's recipe! Be sure to subscribe to my YouTube channel and give it a like. 

Click HERE for the recipe!

Nighttime Ritual

Hey guys! I made this video last year after getting tons of questions about what products I use and how I do my nightly routine. So, ta-da! Here you go my lovelies! I will say that I never ever miss a day no matter how tired I am or hungover I am (which isn't often). Just remember to take care of your skin now and it'll take care of you later! Use what works for you, and stay consistent. Until next time... 

The Glitter Flip

You know that awesome lipstick that turns your lips into a beacon of shiny glitter that's been making the rounds on Facebook? Well, I had a chance to FINALLY try it out & it was everything! 

I've had it in my possession for quite awhile but I was waiting for the perfect time to wear it. I was not disappointed. Application was super easy and smooth. I applied one coat and waited one minute before blotting. After that, GLITTER CITY! I'm wearing the color Forbidden which is a dark red.   

~ Caldo De Res ~

Heeeey guys! So, last time I made this I know a lot of y'all reached out and wanted to know how to make it yourselves... so here we are! Fair warning, it's not an "exact" recipe with measuring and all that good stuff because TBH, you don't need to measure anything! This soup is sooo easy to make and feeds an army. We've literally ate this for 3 days straight before. If you do have any questions, you know where to find me. 

xx Pawnie