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What I'm Currently Reading...

Until Kindle World Happily Ever Alpha

This Happily Ever Alpha Kindle World novella series is a crossover of each authors books and Aurora Rose Reynolds' Until Series. Each book is a standalone and does NOT have to be read in any order. All books are currently on Amazon and I believe they are all on KU as well.  

I have read: Until Avery, Until Nox, and Until Leo. Each and every one I've read so far have been addictive and utterly fantastic. So much that I wish they weren't novellas and instead full length novels. Until Nox may be the closest one to being a full length and I fucking loved it! If you haven't read any yet, NOW is the time to start. They're all fantastic!! 

Doppelbanger by Heather M. Orgeron

Ok, I've chosen this book as my "Book of the Month" because I've only read a few chapters and already I'm in love. Also, I have read SO many people devour this book this past weekend with AMAZING reviews. So MY review will be coming very soon!! Stay tuned... 

xoxo Pawnie

New Releases!

All of You | Fabiola Francisco

Cassidy Rae Pressman comes with way more than Jason Stone bargained for, yet she is exactly what he’s been searching for. 

I want what all my friends have. 

He doesn't need my baggage. 

I can't stop thinking about her. 

Romance isn't my priority, my daughter is. 

I want to show her she can have it all. 

He thinks we can be a family. 

Her and Rae are my family now, and no one will take them away from me. 

He stays even when it's easier to leave. 

I'm going to give her her southern fairytale.


She was brainwashed to believe she could save mankind.

Now she’s the one who needs saving. 

Three years ago Milo Vega was abandoned with his two younger brothers and placed into foster care. Now a twenty-year-old high school senior, covered in gang tattoos, and the school’s janitor, his life is vastly different from the one he was destined for. 

When another foster joins the family, this one from the psychiatric facility, Milo is skeptical. A rare genetic condition makes her unlike any girl he’s ever seen and he wants nothing to do with the one he calls Ghostgirl.

Despite his reluctance, his protective instincts flare when she enrolls in school and eventually an unlikely friendship grows between them. When a tragic event snaps her fragile psyche Milo is faced with the possibility of never seeing her again.

Unless he risks it all to save her. 

Release Date: June 19th, 2018 

Play Me | Cary Hart

Who will you be when no one is watching... when the lights go down?
I played because I loved it... it was in my blood.
Now I play because it's all I have left. And I'm about to chance it all for him.
When the lights go down, and I step off that stage, will he still want me? When he finds out who I really am, what I'm not?

Her voice drew me in, her heart is what makes me want to stay.
Part of me wants to take care of her, the other wants to break down her walls.
I'm not sure I'm ready to risk it all... chasing her down, when I'm struggling to hold 

Doppelbanger | Heather M. Orgeron

Doppelbanger; A person who bangs someone solely because they look similar to another person they want to bang.

At thirty-five, Gina Bourque is still playing the field. If he’s single, in his early twenties with dark hair and brooding eyes, there’s a damn good chance you’ll find him in her little black book.

Jeffrey Ryan never imagined that at nearly forty he’d find himself widowed and a single dad. But here he is—stumbling through this thing called life with two impressionable daughters watching his every move. 

When Gina and Jeffrey meet while cruising the Caribbean, sparks fly and not in a good way. He’s too old. Too blond. Too stiff. Yet she’s still drawn to him like a moth to a flame. She’s too vulgar. Too sassy. Too wild. But she ignites something inside of him he can’t ignore.

We all know what happens when you play with fire. . . someone’s bound to get burned. 

Tequila Haze | Melissa Toppen

It was destiny-- the night I met Hudson Demasi.
I remember how effortlessly he stole my heart- his dark eyes and quick smile forever etched into my mind.
We spent one incredible night together under a haze of tequila- a perfect night.
And when I woke the next day, he was gone…

I never expected to see him again. Years passed and with it, life went on.
Until one day there he was- standing in front of me like no time had passed at all.

He’s determined to remedy his mistakes.
I’m determined to let him try.
Because even though I know I should walk away- the urge to feel the burn is just too strong.

Tequila Haze is the first book in the two part Tequila Duet.
Book two- Tequila Burn -will release 5/24.

*Contains cliffhanger* 

Sassy Ever After: His Bunny Kicks Sass (Kindle Worlds Novella) | Dawn Sullivan

Emery Ericksen fled her herd, intent on escaping an arranged marriage to an abusive alpha. Ending up in a small town, she works as a waitress at the Sassy Wolfe, saving up as much money as possible so that she can move on before she winds up on one of the local wolves’ dinner menu. She managed to stay under the radar, not attracting too much attention, until he walked into the bar. A possessive bear with a gruff attitude, who wanted to throw her over his shoulder, take her back to his cave, and do delicious things to her. What was fate thinking giving her a bear for a mate, anyway?

After the death of his parents, Knox Channing moved his family to the small town of Blue Creek where they could build a new life. He loves his family, his ranch, and his solitude-in that order. If he had his way, he would never leave the peace and quiet of his home. All that changes when he catches her scent. After years of being alone, he finally found his mate. She was beautiful, curvy as hell, and…a bunny?

Sure there is no chance of a future with Knox, Emery believes she must stick to her original plan, hopping town as soon as possible. Even if Knox can stop her from running, will he be able to keep her safe from her past when it catches up with her?  

Behind Me | Piper Reagan

I don’t even know who I am anymore.
Josephine… My birth name. The one my parents gave me and the one they can have. It makes me no difference. 

Joss… That’s what my friends call me. I like it. It means they know me. Sort of. 

Blue J… My stage name. It hides me when I need it to.
Bird… That’s what he calls me. And he’s the only one.

He gave me a new name. One that was branded on my skin our first night together, placed there by his lips. The night that was supposed to be our first and our last. Because if he sees the me hiding behind the fake name, will he even want me?

She slipped out, right through my fingers. But that won’t work for me. Her voice made an impression, her touch left its mark. And when I find her, I’ll make sure she remembers the way it felt.

But how can a girl who hides herself, living her life in a convent and afraid to face the world, ever fall for a man who kills people for a living? Can the death row prison guard and the girl struggling to break free come together? Or will their differences keep them from finding their forever?

Good Girl | Jana Aston

I’ve always been a good girl.
I work hard, I follow the rules, I always achieve my goals.

But sometimes good girls want things that aren’t good for them.
Or someone who isn’t good for them.
Like their new boss.

And sometimes they do very bad things to get his attention.
Like sell their virginity to the highest bidder.

Who knew he’d be so very, very mad?
Maybe this was not my best laid plan…

Broken Boundaries | TC Matson

A new office romance standalone…

Two things I love are the company I built from the ground up and women, and not particularly in that order.
When I see something I want, I get it, whether it’s a new client or a wild night in the sack.
Women flock to my stock, and ladies, that’s not all they enjoy.
I’m not labeled as one of Denver’s top playboys for nothing.
I’m damn good-looking, my pockets are deep, and my “endowments” leave women begging for more.
Two rules I live by:
* Don’t mix business with pleasure.
* Never, ever date an employee.
I thought I had it all in check until Zoey Campbell started working for me.
All my rules? Disintegrated.
Because rules are meant to be broken.
And great sex is meant to be had.

Easton Langley is a manwhore.
I knew his reputation before I applied for the job.
But none of the rumors about him mattered because my focus was on my career.
And I’m smart enough not to fall for his sexy charm.
Or so I thought.
He’s so insanely good-looking and smooth with his words, I can’t help but be distracted whenever he’s around.
Fantasizing about the boss is inappropriate.
Sleeping with him would be crossing the line.
One night. That’s all it took.
And going back to the way it was isn’t an option.
The worst part about it?
I’ve fallen for him.

When a late night in the office shatters every rule, Easton and Zoey find themselves breaking all the boundaries. 

The Road To You | Melissa Toppen

Life is full of choices- of chances- of moments.
Chances we regret not taking. Choices we wish we could change.
And then there are the moments that define us.

Kam was my choice…
The one who stole my heart instantly.

Kane was my chance…
The one who set me ablaze with just one look.

They were my moment…
Two brothers that both owned a part of me.
Two brothers that I loved in different ways for different reasons.

One brother shattered my heart.
The other put it back together.
Both changed me forever. 

Ryder Steel | Thia Finn


The highly anticipated finale to ASSURED DISTRACTION in a companion book. Ryder Steel, Chandler Chatam's father story is now told to end their saga. The life he led from her mother's disappearance until they are reunited in Assure Her is ready to conclude their lives as rockstar legends.

Ryder Steel.

The rock legend.
Every guitarist wants to be him.
Every woman wants under him.

No words describe his legendary band, Steel...
His life is another story. Twenty years ago he lost his only lover. Now he’s gained his only daughter, Chandler Chatam of Assured Distraction fame.

Now he can live.
Now he can start over.
Now he can love.

Or will someone destroy it all?

G’Anna Luician

She aims.
She shoots.
She works her magic on rockstars.

What photographer doesn’t dream of shooting the great bands? Those candid bits and pieces of the real lives of the legendary band Steel for the taking. Moments in time to be captured.

She’s booked solid but nothing will stand between the eye of her camera and accepting this offer to tour with the band.

Or will someone destroy it all?

Heaven On Hell Island | Shea Swain

If Bleu St. James relied on her first impression of Chris, she might have let him drown. But there is something about him that inexplicably draws her in. Maybe it was something she saw when she stared at his calm face as the plane they were on fell from the sky. 

Now stranded on a mysterious deserted island, Bleu must not only contend with the elements, she must depend on a survivalist who also happens to be a hate-filled extremist.

Chris Stokes can’t keep his eyes off the well-dressed woman, even though he was taught that her kind is beneath him. Her very presence makes him feel inadequate in every way. Yet, Bleu saved his life and he owes her. That means doing his damnedest to keep her alive. Only, Chris can’t deny how alluring Bleu is or how badly he wants her to see him, and not the man he no longer wants to be.

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